Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bhujanga Series A Description and Explanation
This series has been studied from the original texts of Hatha Yoga. This Series is very good for Yoga beginners to become better in all aspects of yoga. With daily practice students can move towards intermediate level with increased strength and flexibility. For Advanced students this is a beautiful series to begin your daily practice.

Why do we do Bhujanga Series A?

The word “Bhu” in Sanskrit means Physical, “Jan” means Mental and “Ga” means Spiritual.  

Therefore when we complete one round of Bhujanga Namaskar we are connecting our physical body with our mental mind, allowing us to create a greater sense of physical and mental awareness, becoming present with our movement and our Prana energy, our breath.
We activate our sun energy by our right nostril, the Pingala Nadi. We activate our moon energy by our left nostril, the Ida Nadi and finally we arrive to the activation of both nostrils our Shushuma Nadi when we complete three rounds. 
There are between 37 - 45 asana (pose) for each round, therefore we actually complete over 100 asana when we practice the full three rounds of this majestic series.
During the first round of Bhujanga we are staying in the asana (pose) for a count of three breaths, each of these three breaths brings us directly to the practice, we feel energized and focused. 
The breath moves into Bhujanga (Cobra) breath, creating voice sound, and moving us further into a meditative state.
Each round provides our body with over 1000 different health benefits.
When we practice every day we are becoming more disciplined and devoted to Yoga. We are doing our action for Yoga not just for ourselves; this helps us to achieve happiness in our life.
We can create some variations in the Bhujanga depending upon our personal level. For example we can hold the breath during each round for three breaths, this makes the practice longer, refined and focused.
Or we can move through each round holding for one breath only, creating immediate detoxifying effects through the physically generated heat from our exertion.  We can make our practice ten minutes or thirty minutes let your body decide.
Yoga is for you, your own practice is what you create, feel your body and never go against the messages it gives you.
By practicing every day you can then move into being able to share this knowledge with others, you can then begin to teach once you understand the asana, the muscles you are working with, the correct alignment and the flow of your energy (Prana) breath.
A perfect way to complete the Bhujanga Series is to complete one pranayama for example Brahmiri or khapabhalti using all three Bandhas, then move into meditation practice.
Always end all of your Yoga Practices with Savasana, recycle the energy back through and around your body. Relax. Give gratitude for your practice with pray to Lord shiva & your Teacher, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Enjoy your day.

Bhujanga B is another series that has been adapted from Original Hatha yoga texts. This series is more challenging and it is advised to complete the other series first, complete it well and controlled using daily practice before you move onto this series.